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 MediaSys Consulting
MediaSys provides customized solutions to the Broadcasters and Advertisers..(+)
  Content Aggregation &   Syndication
MediaSys aggregates variety of contents to cater to the specific needs of the clients...(+)
 MediaSys Ad Sales
We garner maximum ad revenue for the International networks...(+)
  MediaSys Digital
Our goal is to keep our clients informed and empowered about new media...(+)
MediaSys is an integrated Media Solutions Company with a goal to enable its clients to increase revenue or better media efficiencies rather than just providing effective, insightful mediaconsultation for Advertisers or comprehensive consultancy to Broadcasters. We offer a cutting edge bouquet of services that includes consultancy in Media Space (including Distribution mapping for Broadcasters), Content Sourcing & Syndication, International Ad Sales and Digital.   Read More >>
Making mobile the 1st choice medium
Mobile marketing or the practice of using mobile devices (cellular phones, Tablets etc.) as a marketing medium has been experiencing tremendous growth in the last few years globally.   Read More >>
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